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This stuff is gold!
    "This wash is amazing. For some reason I had the thought in my head that it would have the consistency of Dr. Bronner’s, but it doesn’t! It’s thicker and actually quite luxurious. It foams really well and only the tiniest amount was needed. Pretty moisturizing too. I hope they package it in larger bottles soon. I am a shower gel snob and this is my new go-to and favorite!!"
    kelly k.
    The best soap ever.
      "Amazing. The smell and lather are top top."
      Roth M.
      LOVE IT
        "Amazing - the smell is so lovely, i feel like i'm in a forest. Only wish there were more products to purchase with this same smell !"
        Marielle M.
        Smells so good
          "Every time I take a shower now I actually look forward to it. I wish this stuff came in perfume form. "
          Danielle K.
          Boss ass body wash
            "When I bought this I was like “ok it has a lot of good reviews but I’ll see for myself when it arrives” and then it came...and it smelt so good...and it lathered perfectly and smooth...and it made my skin feel super smooth and straight up clean. There’s nothing to this. No frills, nothing fancy, just classic awesome soap that has a lingering scent that reminds you of its beauty throughout the day. It really does transport you to the forest making you feel like a goddess while bathing. Go team."
            Steele F.
            A must have
              "Love this product. The aroma contained in this bottle is extremely soothing and keeps my body feeling a hundred percent fresh. Definitely recommend this product to anyone. "
              Zulisha M.
              Love this soap!
                "Smells amazing! Love the texture—it feels moisturizing without being heavy. The packaging makes me happy. Definitely my family’s new go-to soap! Also, great customer service. "
                Camella C.
                Moisturizing with a Heavenly Scent
                  "Other soaps leave my skin feeling so squeaky clean that I'm itchy and dry. This soap leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized. Plus the smell is divine!"
                  Kate H.
                    "Love this item-- When used with the Bathing Culture body wash, my skin was GLOWING!"
                    Kelsey M.
                    LOVE IT!
                      "I love this product and it was simple to order online (grateful for the free shipping too!). I also love that it was created under the supervision of Mt. Tam."
                      Lesa R.
                      Love love love
                        "this stuff is amazing! the texture is like aloe vera gel and the scent like a pine 🌲 grove... really exceptional"
                        Rosie C.
                        Best scent in the world
                          "It what I would create for my “ideal scent”. Love it!"
                          SARAH W.
                          All the bath things
                            "Delivery was super quick, loved the packaging (and lack of plastic) and shower gel is amazing! On top of that I love their towels too!!"
                            Sarah W.
                            Absolutely love the product! My
                              "Absolutely love the product! My son loves it as well! "
                              Erika j.
                              Love it but more suds please!
                                "Love everything about this soap! Wish it would lather more/longer. But truly enjoy using it!"
                                Whitney F.
                                  "Always a great experience, here at Rothys we love Bathing Culture products!"
                                  Christian B.
                                    "Product is amazing— and the customer service is like no company I’ve ever experienced. Love my towel!!!"
                                    Ashley R.
                                    Take camping
                                      "There’s something luxurious about using good soap on a camp trip. Rather than just any old bar to get clean why not be that camper with the mysterious scent."
                                      holly p.
                                      Favorite soap
                                        "The card that was printed with hand written letters was a nice touch. It’s my favorite soap. I think you should make a dog shampoo as well! My criter loves to join me on the trail and needs a good wash at the end of the day"
                                        Jennifer H.
                                        The Best!
                                          "I was visiting my friend in Sonoma County a few months back. There was a bottle of Mind and Body Wash in his shower. I’m not a huge fan of body washes as they always leave a residue on my skin and are chalked full of nasty ingredients. While taking a shower during my visit, I looked at the ingredients of M&BW and then opened the bottle to take a whiff. Pleasantly surprised on both accords, I squirted some wash on to my brush and started scrubbing away. Wowee!!! Such good stuff. Not only did M&BW leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. I also realized how a little bit goes a long way. What was this magical yumminess I had just found?! My friend ended up gifting me a bottle to take home with me. I blazed through that bottle, ordered another on line and I’m planning to keep on using this awesome product!!! Thank you to the folks that created and produce Mind and Body Wash. We all appreciate you creating something that is quality, consciously made, environmentally friendly and works! Thank ya’ll!"
                                          Jennifer D.
                                          Smells Like Bathing In A Forest
                                            "Amazinggg scent!! I’m always on the lookout for body products that smell earthy and that don’t have that horrible synthetic scent- and this checks all of the boxes! And it it makes my skin silky soft as a bonus! Will be purchasing more from this company :)"
                                            Bethany S.
                                            I love this soap
                                              "Lovely, refreshing scent. Lathers really well. And who doesn't love waking up to a rainbow? "
                                              Cecile P.
                                              Bathing Culture Body Wash
                                                "I bought 3 of the body washes, 1 for myself and the other 2 for gifts. I was really excited to use it as I love good smelling bath products. I was disappointed by the smell, all 3 smell like rubber. I went out and bought lavender oil to make them smell better and now they are fine... I thought it would smell like forest or earthy...."
                                                Greta S.
                                                Love it
                                                  "As I’m slowly making my way to a less wasteful lifestyle, I tossed out my loofah for this sponge. It’s large and squishy and feels luxurious and soft. It holds so much water and feels so much better than a traditional loofah or washcloth "
                                                  So Cute and Useful
                                                    "I'm pretty excited about this little scrubby fish. "
                                                    Joseph K.
                                                      "I love it and each time I use it I feel great. The smell is the best and so glad it’s now in a biodegradable bottle ! Good work :) "
                                                      Hannah D.
                                                      Awesome customer service
                                                        "I received my first bottle with a cracked top and over half empty . I sent an email explaning what had happened and got a very swift response and replacement along with an extra something. I really like to support small businesses with a good philosophy so I’m am excited that my experience went so well. Great customer service great product. I can’t wait to see what else comes out in the future. I hope for new scents in the future because I like to change scents with my mood."
                                                        Carrie R.
                                                        First time user
                                                          "Great! Very refreshing! "
                                                          Sharon S.
                                                          Best soap I've ever used
                                                            "At first I giggled at the copy that said it would making bathing a meditative experience, but then it actually did. This soap smells so fantastic, just like a hike in the forest. It's my go to holiday gift this year."
                                                            Jennifer B.
                                                              "This stuff is the greatest"
                                                              JOHN Y.