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It’s the best-wish I could
    "It’s the best-wish I could buy a bugger bottle. Loved the packaging and hand written note. "
    Suzanne H.
    Amaaazing scent
      "This soap smells great and doesn’t leave residue like other natural soaps I’ve tried. One bottle doesn’t last me very long. Will be buying again as long as I can afford it. "
      Tierney K.
      It’s Love
        "My husband and I were gifted this soap for Christmas last year. We thought it was a practical gift, but after using it, we both gushed to each other about the scent experience, how clean you feel using it, and then, separately, we’d picked up the bottle during our shower to read more about the soap and the company behind it. It also lasts forever, but we will be die-hard, Bathing Culture exclusive bathers for the rest of our days. More than any other soap, even from people who were not body wash fans, we love Bathing Culture. "
        Jennymarie J.
        The best
          "I love the soap. I ordered online and it came the next day with a sweet note and flowers— also no plastic and no unnecessary packaging. So nice!"
          Megan H.
          Bath cult convert
            "I love my bathing culture soap! I will buy for as long as it is available and I can afford :) It smells sooo divine and makes showering the best. Thanks guys! <3"
            Gia P.
            No other can compare!
              "I have recently purchased four other shower gels, trying to find the best one. Hands down, Bathing Culture tops them all. The scent is unbelievably beautiful! and the eco consciousness is compelling. I wish that I could carry this around with me and smell it all of the time! It's very gentle and does the job. Thank you, Bathing Culture, for this soap."
              Danica A.
              Shower Essential
                "Love the scent, feel incredibly clean, and the fact that it’s all biodegrable is amazing! Will be buying again and telling all my friends to do the same! "
                Jessica T.
                Love at first scent
                  "The scent of this soap transports me to an ancient redwood grove. The soap cleanses and lathers well. I am hooked. Thank you for creating such a unique product! "
                  Elizabeth G.
                  Can't Stop Won't Stop
                    "I was exceptionally excited to receive this soap after reading the online reviews and I was not disappointed. It smells phenomenal and while I have dry skin and my husband has oily skin ~ it's working great for both for us. This will be my soap for the rest of time. "
                    Meredith A.
                    What is this magic?!?!
                      "I am in love with this, and honestly taking a shower without using it seems disappointing now. It’s so fresh, and feels so clean, and also nourishing. I’m already spreading the word, and getting others to fall in love with it too."
                      Mary H.
                      Nothing like it - except..
                        "I recently took a trip to mount Tam and said “it smells like my soap here!” I absolutely love this product. Thank you!"
                        Heather D.
                        Love the stuff
                          "Smells great and the graphic design of the bottle makes me happy. Would love it if you had an option for a refillable bottle with a pump, and sold refills in eco friendly packaging."
                          Alison C.
                          hella good
                            "hella good!!!! smells unlike anything else on the market. first met it in a foreign shower, seventh date, and like, it's one of my favorite take aways from that relationship. pretty inside and out and do not delay ---- buy it!!!!"
                            lauren m.
                            These are a few of my favorite things...
                              "Best soap ever...makes me want to jump in the shower and lather up. Treat yourself and get some."
                              Brooks G.
                              Simply the best body wash
                                "Product itself: smells great, bike courier delivery, safe on the planet, and works amazing. Bathing culture team: very responsive and go the extra mile to connect with their customers and make the buying of soap something remarkable. Highly recommend giving it a try. It’s soap, why not?"
                                Scott B.
                                Love this soap
                                  "Love love this product and everything about it. Is it possible to get every 30 days on auto renew? I share this with everyone I love and those I would love if they smelled better. My shower experience has been heightened beyond my wildest dreams. "
                                  megan k.
                                  Love this product!!!
                                    "I love this gel so much I hate to use anything else when I travel. I compared the ingredients to something I bought at a much simpler and gentler. It looks thin at first, I was amazed how little I need to lather up like crazy, and the heavenly. "
                                    Mary C.
                                    Will def buy again!
                                      "I'll admit I bought it for the rainbow ribbon packaging and natural product claims, but I just looooove the subtle scent: a little herbal, almost nag champa-esque (but more subtle). Lovely!"
                                      Carri U.
                                      Just Earthy Enough
                                        "Really, the scent of this wash holds such nostalgia for me - while still remaining fresh and new. It’s got some really great notes - that really refresh in the shower, and remain a subtle reminder throughout the day (without being overwhelmingly perfumey)... so overall- amazing!"
                                        Alyssa B.
                                        Smells Amazing!
                                          "Love this product and will be repurchasing! I love the scent"
                                          Grace A.
                                          Love the company, love the product! <3
                                            "I absolutely love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel and I feel so good about the ingredients!"
                                            Marissa R.
                                            Oh The Forestry
                                              "Feeling like a fairy princess, washed by nymphs, in a thicket of herbal magic...much thanks"
                                              Catherine C.
                                                "From the packaging, to the scent, to the formula, I love this soap. It smells amazing - fresh, earthy, light. It's a delight to use!"
                                                Hannah H.
                                                I'm obsessed
                                                  "First tried Bathing Culture at the Spirit Weavers Gathering this summer, and purchased it immediately upon returning home. I would put it in an essential oil diffuser if possible--I want the scent to last all day long!"
                                                  Marlene E.
                                                  Big fan
                                                    "My whole family uses BC - from 42yrs to 1yr old. We are lifers!"
                                                    Jessica F.
                                                    Great feel!
                                                      "Service was personal and delivery was quick! The lather was rich and reenergizing!"
                                                      Ban I.
                                                      In love
                                                        "Tried your soap at an amazing gathering and I was hooked"
                                                        Jasmine C.
                                                        Marin Headlands Scent Quest
                                                          "After visiting the Marin Headlands for the first time last year, and falling in love with the smell, I've been on a quest to recreate the aroma back in my everyday life. This body wash is a great addition to the few products I've found that recreate that wonderful scent of sea, trees, and plants native to the Headlands. This body wash is woodsy without being overpowering. The packaging (I received it via USPS) was lovely and personalized as well. I hope to purchase more in the future."
                                                          Jill F.
                                                          Radical Bather for Life!
                                                            "I cannot recommend this soap enough! Every time I step into the shower, i feel a bit of magic in putting a tiny drop in my hand and then, like multiplying fishes, it covers my whole body and fills all of my senses with a kick start of goodness! Thank you, Bathing Culture! I'm a happy convert!"
                                                            Alisha A.
                                                              "Love it! So obsessed. Literally the best thing I have ever smelled."
                                                              Mairin E.