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Awesome soap!
    "I’ve been using this soap since January and I love it! I love, love, love the fragrance and texture! "
    Darlene H.
    In love with soap
      "I really love this soap.The sent, the texture, the consistency, and the leather are all great!"
      Chris G.
      I’ve Never Felt Cleaner
        "I love this soap! I’m confident that I am not adding anything to my skin, or the environment that doesn’t belong there. It rinses off clean and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. "
        Karl O.
        Mind and Body Wash - a natural experience
          "my favorite weekend soap! gets me motivated to get outside everytime. thanks guys!"
          Dan M.
          Mind and body wash
            "I love the body wash. Initially didn’t quite like the smell but I love it now. "
            Linnet C.
            Damn good stuff. Smells woodsy,
              "Damn good stuff. Smells woodsy, yes, but delicate and chill. Also, it's great on my sensitive skin."
              Kyle B.
              I’m hooked
                "This is my new go-to soap."
                April O.
                Lovely body wash
                  "I really enjoy the sort of reminds me of going for a walk through the forest in the early morning hours. The smell is not overwhelming and I feel nice and clean afterwards. I will be buying this again."
                  Sarah B.
                  Love this Wash!!
                    "Love it! Found this at a boutique hotel, and ordered it the day I got home! Great smell, great product!"
                    Jenenne N.
                    Best soap!
                      "I first was intrigued by this product because of the label but once I smelled the soap I fell in love! It has a very deep earthy scent that shares warmer notes. HIGHLY recommend it! "
                      Elise S.
                      Best soap ever
                        "Exceptional. Would hope to only use bathing culture soap forever moving forward. Would love a bulk bottle to refill smaller ones, and a bar of soap/or something smaller for travel. You guys are making magic. "
                        Laura R.
                        Works great and smells lovely!
                          "I love this soap! It smells excellent and is filled with safe ingredients. I feel guilt free using it on my kiddo and letting it wash down the drain. My only dislike is that I wish it lathered a bit more."
                          Jessica H.
                          Great Soap
                            "Smells great, feels great"
                            Erik A.
                            A Biblical Bathing Experience
                              "When using Bathing Culture's Mind and Body Wash, I had the self-loving thought, "Wash your own feet with the same care and intention that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.""
                              Jesse H.
                              that was legitness
                                "in the words of an oft-repeated online clip of a stunted child at a skatepark, admiring a deftly coordinated scooter operator, "that was legitness". "
                                paul w.
                                Love it!
                                  "This soap smells so good and works so well. Amazing!!! Seriously gets my hands clean!!"
                                  Hailey V.
                                  It’s my favourite
                                    "This is the best soap I’ve ever used. I love the smell. Love knowing that it’s good for the environment. I love everything about it. Thank you Tim! "
                                    Joni O.
                                    love the soap, love the
                                      "love the soap, love the company, love the people who make it happen "
                                      kelly b.
                                        "It is the best!! Love the scent and a little goes a long way. I will definitely purchase again."
                                        Melissa K.
                                        Great product
                                          "Clean. That is the word I would use to describe this product. After a long day of mostly outdoor activity my main priority is to hop in the shower and refresh. This product knocks it out of the park every time. The scent is fresh and revitalizing, the feel is great and I know what I am getting every time. Great product, would recommend to everyone."
                                          Allison G.
                                          Beautiful Scent, So Foamy, and Gentle on Sensitive Skin!
                                            "I have sensitive skin and was concerned that the essential oils would cause irritation, but after the first use, my fears were washed away! The smell to me is a divine blend of woods and seaside, and I love how such a small amount goes so far. Definitely will purchase again ;)"
                                            Sarah G.
                                              "Excellent :) Lovely people"
                                              Olivia G.
                                              You guys are doing a great job
                                                "I love the soap. I'm super happy with my subscription. Thanks for making a quality product ✨🚿✨"
                                                reina a.
                                                Happy and clean in Minneapolis
                                                  "I used Bathing Culture Body Wash for the first time in San Francisco while visiting family. I loved the way the body wash lathered and smelled amazing. I immediately got on line and ordered 4 to use at home and give away to friends. Thank you Bathing Culture. "
                                                  Elizabeth K.