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by Tim Hollinger September 19, 2017

The Bathing Culture crew is eyeing the last stretches of summer with a dip up north to visit some friends in the mountains that happen to be hot springs. We’ll also be up there collecting / foraging some  supplies for The Sink and Sand Summer bottling party, which if you’re reading this, you’re hereby formally invited to. Here’s what will be listening to on our way!

music to bathe to
“Turtles All The way Down” by Sturgill Simpson
“Shotgun Willie” by Willie Nelson
“Birmingham” by Shovels & Rope
“Lost My Head there” by Kurt Vile
“Cassidy” by The Grateful Dead
“Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Harry McClintock
“I’m Amazed” by My Morning Jacket
"Lake Superior” by the Arcs
Play it!
It’s the end of the album the second time through.
each coastal wiggle reveals yet another emerald jewel
bag straps and liquid gold air, excited to be on your way there
River, beach, surf and rocks
Moonlit skies and a little Tupac
Steel fields of fog reel and churn
you soak your bones, muscle, and burn
Have some good sound for us to dive into? Send the setlist to tim@bathingculture.com and we’ll be forever grateful.
Photo uptop by  @chrisburkard | The local swimming hole in Osogna Switzerland.

Tim Hollinger
Tim Hollinger


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