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October 20, 2017 1 min read

We've been re watching old surf movies all week as part of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts "Psychedelic Surf Films 1966-1980" series. 

Join us on Sunday for the capstone screening of Endless Summer- the guys at Harvard pulled an IB Technicolor print of the film and promise - "those colors are gonna POP!"


Bathing Culture Surfing

You'll also get to hear to opening remarks from Spencer about why surfing is so great.

Psychedelic Surf's up! Playlist 

Bathing Culture music
"Let's Go Trippin' - The Beach Boys
"Swim and Sleep (like a Shark)" Unknown Mortal Orcastra 
"Mr. Moto" - "The Bel-Aires"
"What a Peasure" Beach Fossils
"Hallucinate A Solution" - Circles Around The Sun 
"Sea That Sweels" - Tamam Shud
"Horse Hot Wee Wee Wate" - Mac Demarco 
Bail Waters" Tamam Shud
"Theme From "The Endless Summer" - The Sandals
"KK'u Kika Kahiko " - Ozzie Kotani 
It’s the end of the album the second time through.
each coastal wiggle reveals yet another emerald jewel
bag straps and liquid gold air, excited to be on your way there
River, beach, surf and rocks
Moonlit skies and a little Tupac
Steel fields of fog reel and churn
you soak your bones, muscle, and burn
Have some good sound for us to dive into? Send the setlist to and we’ll be forever grateful.


Cover photo by the awesome -> David Orias