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by Tim Hollinger October 04, 2017

As the late afternoon sun warmed us we picked up on the centuries old coastal tradition of earth ovens. Dug on Ocean Beach and filled it with hot ceremonial coals,  we wrapped foods in seaweed and smoked them with coastal tree boughs. 

A fully functional bathing apparatus with views of the sea and requisite hand/ mind washing ritual was in full regalia. 

We feasted and washed. 


A pyre was burned to send our dreams up to the heavens and burn our mistakes.

And yes the Sand & Sink Summer Bottling Party had music and without further ado here is what we were playing...

Bathing Culture Playlist

"Celebrate" -Anderson .Paak
"Coming Home" - Leon Bridges 
"Powa"- tUnE-yArDs
"Hello Sunshine" - Relatively Clean Rivers 
"The Keys" - Matt Duncan 
"Where I'm From" -Digable Planets
"Sivad" - Miles Davis*
"Weight Off" - Kaytranada 
"Easy Plateau" - Ryan Adams
"Rain Plains" - Israel Nash 
Play it!
*Ceremonial music   
It’s the end of the album the second time through.
each coastal wiggle reveals yet another emerald jewel
bag straps and liquid gold air, excited to be on your way there
River, beach, surf and rocks
Moonlit skies and a little Tupac
Steel fields of fog reel and churn
you soak your bones, muscle, and burn
Have some good sound for us to dive into? Send the setlist to tim@bathingculture.com and we’ll be forever grateful.

Tim Hollinger
Tim Hollinger


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