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January 28, 2018 1 min read

This past week the non-profit All New American selected Bathing Culture as a VIP New American brand!  

Our first response was… “AMAZING!” And then quickly, “thank you”  and “how the heck did you hear about us?!”  Apparently, the word is getting out that Bathing Culture is a VIP New American brand. Which is really cool and a wonderful way for us and Bathing Culture to start the new year!

Bathing Culture and All New American

All New American is a nonprofit organization that supports “America’s dream chasers and move makers.”  We’ve got a lot of dreams and perhaps, even more, moves (though some who’ve seen us on the dancefloor may -rightfully- take issue with that).  The organization not only recognizes great products being made in America but also provides grants to makers and helps promote “exquisite handcrafted culture”.

VIP Bathingculture

If you're reading this it means we see you as a VIP and you should stock up on award winning Cathedrall Grove Mind and Body wash now!