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July 23, 2018 1 min read

One of the nation's top beauty magazine has discovered Bathing Culture!!

The forward-thinking Allure Magazine devoted it’s July issue to an inspiring write up on the lives of women in the Air Force, an amazing profile of Janelle Monae, The Readers Choice Awards and best of all Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash!


Seems the curators / Beauty Experts at Allure really get it. Asserting bluntly,  “Bathing Cultures Forest scented Mind and Body Wash is transportative.”  

Bathing Culture was featured in a spotlight titled “Play it cool”  which detailed 5 indie brands that, “bring us great skin” that “you’ve probably never heard of.” With a circulation of well over 1 million issues a month, more people will have heard of Bathing Culture so act fast and get yourself a case before we run out!!!

The story was sandwiched between “Play it cool” and “Get stoned” which seems like a good spot for us, another good spot for our Mind and Body wash is in your shower - so get on it :D