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February 08, 2019 2 min read

Here's another reason to feel good about your showers! Bathing Culture is Leaping Bunny Certified!BathingCulture LeapingBunny

Turns out, testing personal care products on animals doesn't mean someone lovingly shampooing a bunny’s coat to make it pretty. It's more like a scene from a Saw movie.

Even though for personal care products this is entirely unnecessary, it's still widespread. For example, in China, the government requires anyone selling personal care products to test them on animals, this means the big conglomerates are testing.

Bathing culture lab

From the get-go we haven’t tested on animals and took a lot of care selecting suppliers that treat animals - human or otherwise ethically.   

Why getting certified is important?

By getting certified we’re helping to establish a marketplace norm and high standard. This is especially important the deeper you get into the supply chain. Typically the further away from the consumer items get, the less care they’re given. Going through certification we had to verify that all of our suppliers and partners were treating animals (human or otherwise) ethically.

leaping bunny bathing culture


Wait do you do any testing?

Yes - we test on ourselves and members of the radical bathing club. Once upon a time, our insurance agent asked what happened if someone drank the soap. We took a few swigs and let her know (it’s not recommended ;).

Can I still use bathing Culture on my pet?

Yeah! Just be cool about it, wash them with love and care.

Bathing Culture Leaping bunny


Why leaping bunny?

Leaping Bunny is more intense than most of the other anti-cruelty certifications and is internationally recognized.   We’ve become part of a Supplier Monitoring System that requires us to show and submit proof that each of our suppliers comply with the Leaping Bunny Standards.  This includes mandatory audits and annual recommitment/review. Its legit.

We believe that holding folks to higher standards will create better process and products. Which translates to better showers for you!