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May 29, 2018 1 min read

There is rarely a weekend that goes by where there isn't some sort of jamboree going down at the Fort Mason Center. Little has changed since the buildings were built back in 1914, that is,  until a few weekends ago when we made the bathrooms bloom! 

Bathroom blooms

Flowers sprouted from the walls of men’s and women’s bathrooms. Music spilled from an old refurbished am/fm transceiver. And the most natural woody soap cleansed the hands of the makers, artist and patrons of the Renegade Craft Fair. 

flowers bathroom 

"THIS IS AMAZING!" "THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSFORMATION" "etc" were all expressed by the delighted attendees. Check out the joy: 

Bathing Culture at craft fair 

You can practically see them jumping for joy in this candid :) 

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support. We are so excited for all the radical bathers who are now out getting dirty and using our soap and getting their soap carbon free via bike delivery. Get dirty get wet and revel in the transformation. 

* Photo of Fort Mason care of the AIA thanksdudes!