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September 12, 2017 1 min read

Does Bathing Culture make your showers better?! Does it feel like “jumping into a cold river on a hot day?”  Then you should leave a review!

Adam left us a brutally honest review (in its positivity) a couple of weeks back and it the talented writer / blogger Robyn Hagan Cain picked up on it and wrote a whole blog post about it! 

She writes, “I understand if you don't read soap reviews for entertainment, butBathing Culture—a new biodegradable soap brand made from all-natural products ingredients—might change that.”

Not only did she call out Adam’s review, but she also gave a shout out to Mackenzie!  Here’s where you can check out Adam’s review and leave you own.

Here's what it feels like when we get reviews 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 -> 

When bathing culture gets reviews

In all seriousness, positive honest reviews are a major help to us, as Cain correctly calls out and it would be awesome if you leave us a review. It can  a haiku or whatever form you want.  

And if you want to see Cain’s full piece check it out on her blog here!

Maybe your review will be so good someone will transform the way they shower, or inspire a another blog post (envisioning a greatest hits) do what you can to make the cut!

*The images used in this are for education purposes only, the US champion figure skater up top is Gracie Gold in getting a review for her 2016 US national's skate. The other images are of Vince McMahon reviewing body builders.