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by Tim Hollinger June 12, 2017

This weekend we were honored to win best in show at West Coast Craft, a juried exhibition of artists, designers, collectives and businesses inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the west coast lifestyle.

On the last day of the event the exhibitors pick from +250 their peers for best in show … and we won!


The centerpiece of our winning design was called “The Eternal Tub” Bathing Culture mind and body wash seemingly floated above our elevated clawfoot tub. The tub was emanating light, stream, and transcendent smells, with warm and welcoming surroundings that tied back to the ingredients and uses of Bathing Culture.

West coast craft winner 2017

We’re honored to have been selected for the showcase in the first place, top craft men and women travel from all over the west coast for the event with their A-game. Many teams worked for weeks to put together their displays - which included incredible art, stunning florals, and built out ceramic’s studios just to name a few.

We’re still wrapping our heads around the win, which we share with Monastery Made http://www.monasterymade.com/  (they built a gorgeous wooden studio and share our mission of creating environmentally friendly personal care products- a huge need!).

As we left the show a rainbow formed over the bay and seemingly dropped down onto our environmentally friendly body wash... We’ll take it as a sign!

Bathing Culture Wins West Coast craft

Huge thank you to everyone who came and visited us! We couldn't do it with you.

Let's make the world a better place one shower at a time!

Tim Hollinger
Tim Hollinger