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November 08, 2018 3 min read

Bathing Culture rolls out 100% recycled bottles!  

1 million plastic bottles are made every minute, but not all bottles are created equal. The vast majority of bottles end up being used only once and end up contributing to the environmental crisis. Not Bathing Culture bottles!  Our bottles are reincarnated!!

This year we reinvested all of our earnings (and then some) in our packaging, with a focus on making it completely sustainable. You can read about the WHOLE process and why we made this decision here, for the highlights, keep reading...

Bottles made from 100% reused plastic aren’t very common.  In fact, many brands who brag that their packaging is made from recycled materials are using less than 1% recycled plastics. An astonishing95% are making misleading claims about how environmentally friendly their products are, often in relation to both the packing and the product that’s inside (this industry is messed up)!

Several folks in both the personal care and plastics industry advised us to use a small amount of recycled material and then market our packaging as sustainable.No way, even though that’s what most brands do,that’s greenwashing! It’s dishonest, misleading, and in direct opposition to everything we stand for.  

Six executives in the plastic industry told us it was impossible to transition to 100% recycled plastic bottles.It took a lot of work, but we’re proud to announce that, despite our small size and even smaller budget, we’ve proven them wrong!!!

How We Reincarnate Bottles

To make these bottles, we pooled all of our company resources to buy a few tons of our neighbor’s California curbside recycled plastic. Curbside recycling is the recycling you (and your friends and coworkers) put out in blue bins, that gets picked up by recycling trucks once or twice a week. Curbside recycling also includes the bottles and cans that folks collect and drop off at bottle exchange centers.

In order to be reused, this plastic needs to be washed, delabled, sorted and sterilized. The clean plastic is melted into chips and sent to a California facility where it is reborn as our soap bottles! We fill these bottles withBathing Culture’s Mind and Body Wash and send it on to you!

Now, not only will yourMind and Body Wash biodegrade once you’ve lathered and rinsed, but when you put your bottle into the recycling bin it will have the opportunity to be reborn as another bottle of Mind and Body Wash!  

What this accomplishes:

  • Every ton of plastic we divert saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space, that’s enough to fill a backyard pool!
  • The plastic we reuse is 100% from California, thereby creating a closed loop (it can be reused several times) avoiding immediatedowncycling and high transportation/ carbon costs!
  • We use 77% less energy to make these bottles then it takes to make virgin bottles (the majority of personal care products are in virgin bottles)!
  • These reincarnated bottles are good as new (though have a slightly smokey hue) and are BPA free!

By collecting and reprocessing in California, we’re ensuring that our plastic bottles don’t harm the environment. It’s also important that we’re using California's curbside recycling, because the way our local recycling is processed changed very recently! China—which previously bought, transported and re-processed most of our recycling for the last few decades (mostly downcycling it)at a very high carbon cost—stopped accepting foreign recycling in early 2018.This created a glut of US recycling that’s been heading to landfills. By reincarnating our plastic bottles we’re helping to offset that waste!  

We’ve still got a ton of work to do on our environmental mission, but firmly believe that one of the best ways to help solve the environmental crisis is to make, use, and promote everyday products that have a positive or net neutral impact on the environment.

We’re proud that Bathing Culture’sBiodegradable Mind and Body Wash—which is made from plants and minerals, and packaged in reincarnated bottles—is one of the best options for personal and planetary health. Do your part by transforming your shower (and all your friend's showers) with one of these bottles ofMind and Body Wash today!