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July 18, 2017 2 min read

Imagine hundreds of whales peacefully chowing on salmon and occasionally gracing the air 1000’ from where you’re surfing glassy swells. After a few hours of faith restoring bliss you walk up the beach, past a berm of wildflowers and into the Traveler Surf and Swim Club, for a hot outdoor shower with Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash.

Said walk into Traveler's back yard (Photo by Nick Trap from Magic Sea Weed) 

What are you waiting for?!  Okay, so the whales aren’t always there, but the hot showers and Traveler’s back garden with heated furniture, delightful people, racks of surf boards, and outdoor showers stocked with Bathing Culture mind and body wash are.

Bathing Culture in the shower

Only the finest! Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash gracing the outdoor showers at Traveler


Bathing Culture traveler

Look delightful people in the Traveler back yard, that kid is clamoring to get in the shower! 

It’s the perfect reward for surfers, road trippers (rare is the day someones VW isn’t parked out front) or friends visiting the legendary Linda Mar Beach.     

Julie Cox Traveler

Bathing Culture Mind and Body wash is always a really good reward, here's Julie with some

One of our favorite photographers / my sister Melissa of Icarian Photography turned us onto to Julie Cox, and her lovely crew at Traveler... They’re awesome and are building more than a surf and swim club, traveler is afull on curated boutique with a stellar selection of goods, but more importantly it’s a community space with weekly yoga classes, (cool) movie nights, coffee, talks, empowerment circles and other whatever else they dream up.


An overview of the store (this is where they hang a screen from for movies:-)

Bathing culture

And a close up 😍

Here's what the people are saying (from yelp)...

Lindsay E. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Love this little shop right by the beach in Pacifica.  They cater to surfers with board rentals and even showers and a lounge area in the back, but they also have clothes, jewelry, and travel accessories.  I like that the shop feels clean and eclectic and the staff was friendly and helpful."

Lisa W.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"It's really pretty inside and earthy and relaxing.  They have surf, outdoor enthusiast, locally sourced items that are all unique and carefully chosen. "

Bathing Culture

Spencer at Linda Mar?! (no this is a photo by Kendra R from Magic Sea Weed, the photo up top is from Burleigh photo

Don't delay, go surf with a whale, take a shower, chill, and decide to buy a case of Bathing Culture Mind and Body wash from Traveler!