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February 24, 2019 2 min read

Great job everyone! We've together we've crested the 100 review mark for  Cathedral Grove Mind and Body Wash!

Part weird, part informative, part sweet, they're exactly the type of reaction we what we want from you, our wonderful community. 

We've had folks talk about how Bathing Culture was the best thing they got out of a relationship, how Bathing Culture is magical and transformative. How Bathing Culture reinvited what it means to shower, how it makes users feel like nothing else in the world and it's changed what it means to shower forever.   

THANK YOU so much for the surprising and delightful reviews, check out some of these highlights ->  

 Bathing Culture Reviews

"A Biblical Bathing Experience"

When using Bathing Culture's Mind and Body Wash, I had the self-loving thought, "Wash your own feet with the same care and intention that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.


"Oh The Forestry"

Feeling like a fairy princess, washed by nymphs, in a thicket of herbal magic...much thanks


"hella good"

hella good!!!! smells unlike anything else on the market. first met it in a foreign shower,seventh date, and like, it's one of my favoritetake aways from that relationship. pretty inside and out and do not delay ---- buy it!!!!


"What is this magic!!"

I am in love with this, and honestly taking a shower without using it seems disappointing now. It’s sofresh, and feels so clean, and also nourishing. I’m already spreading the word, and getting others to fall in love with it too.


"Be ready to have your life changed."

This stuff is the absolute greatest. Look forward to using it every day!


"makes me feel like a goddess of the forest"

Excuse the lofty language here, but I just came back from a yoga class. When I use this soap, I feel like I am being true to myself. It smells like the most refreshing breath in and out - full circle. It also makes me feel more connected to my northern Californian self. But on a more actually useful note - I used this soap for a few months and my skin looked more smooth and healthy. I had a hiatus from using it for a few months and now it looks like my mild eczema is coming back... soi'm re-ordering now and making sure I get on that subscription! The guys who run this are also rad and I love supporting a small business. Yew! 


Have you written your Bathing Culture review yet ?!   Help us out and write one, we'll read it more than once and perhaps you'll make the best of list!!