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June 29, 2018 1 min read

The editors at Wired Magazine just picked Bathing Culture for a spotlight in it’s latest gear recommendation!  The rundown is focused on products that will make your yoga and post -yoga routines more convenient /enjoyable!

Showering with bathing culture post yoga workout?! - Highly recommended!! It ismind and bodywash after all!

“[Bathing Culture} will make your sweaty sessions and post-yoga routines more convenient.”


This one is a big deal for me. Not only does Wired have  +800K monthly circulation, but I was one of those folks when I was a kid. I’d eagerly paw through every issue - learning all about the techno-utopia that has and (spoiler), mostly hasn’t happened. I’d take it’s writers cues on lifestyle, business, and technology. Until today my favorite feature was what’s inside which would break down what’s inside common products likesynthetic soap.

Now my all time favorite wired article is the one that spotlights Bathing Culture!

“Whether you're a life-long yogini or just learning your first asanas, there's some gear you can gather to help you make the most of your yoga practice. None of this stuff is required, of course, but these eight items (and one podcast) will make your sweaty sessions and post-yoga routines more convenient.”

Read the whole rundown here + order a case of Mind and Body wash before it's sold out! 

And thank you for sharing Bathing Culture and making dreams come true :D

**Images for educational use only cover shot from Simpsons**