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Welcome to Bath Tapes, Vol. 1 - Our Curated Playlists with Custom Artwork

Welcome to Bath Tapes, Vol. 1 - Our Curated Playlists with Custom Artwork


Hey readers,

Welcome to our refreshed website and — drum roll, please — the first volume of Bath Tapes! From here on out, our designers — employees, interns, friends, whoever fits the bill — will share a collection of tracks and design their very own unique album artwork for each curated piece.

Why are we embarking on this project? Well, we bathe to wash away the dirt, to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit, and take a meditative journey — and music is another medium for doing just that: to wash the day away, to be transported. Our favorite albums and playlists take us on a journey; they enhance powerful feelings of love, connection, celebration — and, on the flip side, alienation and grief — and leave you new. We want to share in those moments together, and so this series began.

This first one we’re calling “Last Sunsets”. In the designer’s own words:

"I’ve been mourning the passing of summer, settling into fall, and cherishing the last of our warm weather as well as the last of my post-work sunsets. Soon, I — along with many of you — will step out of my office into the dark, and I’ve been making the most of the daylight while I can. The artwork and the music here play on that: some of it is exuberant and bright — the last rays of sunshine of our shorter days — and others feel, well, a bit darker." -Mike

We hope you enjoy!

-Bathing Culture


1. "Autumn Tears" by Vashti Bunyan
2. "Poem" by U.S. Girls
3. "Closer to Grey" by Chromatics
4. "Cybele's Reverie" by Stereolab
5. "Blue Skies Again" by Jessica Lea Mayfield
6. "Turn Blue" by Mark Ronson & Angel Olsen
7. "Has Ended" by Thom Yorke
8. "On the Level" by Leonard Cohen
9. "The Greatest" by Lana Del Rey
10. "Summertime" by Girls
11. "This Time Around" by Jessica Pratt
12. "Terminal Paradise" by Big Thief
13. "Chance" by Angel Olsen
14. "Keep Pushing On" by John Maus

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