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March 28, 2017 1 min read

Here’s one of those little glimmers you pull up on to make  your day a whole heck better.  

Immerse yourself in some good sound. Wrap your ears in some cushy headphones, and get grooving.  

This week Bathing Culture takes you to Rockaway beach for some gummy indie surf rock, setlist includes, Mac Demarco, Tameinapla.


Have some good sound for us to dive into? Send the setlist and we’ll be forever grateful.


It’s the end of the album the second time through.

each coastal wiggle reveals yet another emerald jewel

bag straps and liquid gold air, excited to be on your way there

River, beach, surf and rocks

Moonlit skies and a little Tupac

Steel fields of fog reel and churn

you soak your bones, muscle, and burn

Acts of bathing are immersive. You get fully dirty to get fully clean. You dive in to

Bathing is an immersive act.  You have to get in it.