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Bathe Anywhere Set

Protect your favorite people and planets from toxic ingredients, while keeping germs at bay. Comes with travel ready sizes for on-the-go, and larger sizes for refilling and hand washing at home. Scroll on down for product details.

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Crafted for personal and planetary safety

Mind & Body Wash in Rainbow Glass (16oz)
Our best-selling organic, biodegradable, all-purpose soap in a radical refillable glass bottle with a plastic pump top.

Mind & Body Wash Travel Size (2.7oz)
TSA Approved and biodegradable. This little aluminum tube is good for a 30 day trip. Refill and reuse!

2 High Spirits Sanitizer Spray Bottles (2oz)
Neutralize germs on skin and surfaces with this gentle yet effective sanitizer made of 72% organic corn alcohol. Meets CDC recommendations.

High Spirits Sanitizer Refill (8oz)
Keep spirits high by refilling our spray bottles or even a spare Golden Hour Hydrosol bottle.

Peace Through Bathing Gift Bag
Share your gifts in style with this 100% recycled cotton bag. Reuse it to stay organized on trips or protect produce at the farmers market.