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Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil

In a valley below golden California hills, treetops comb through thick oceanic fog, feeding the dripping Redwood forest canopies of Cathedral Grove.

We blended 11 aromatic plants to compose a 100% natural perfume oil as layered and complex as the forest ecosystem that's inspired us from the start.

.3 fl oz (9ml)

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Breathe in the forest, wherever you are

Top Notes
Coniferous Needle
Redwood Sorrel

Heart Notes
Redwood accord

Drydown Notes
Peru Balsam resin
Damp earth accord

How to Use
Roll on pulse points, including wrists and/or neck. Natural perfumes are subtle and intimate, creating a more personal scent experience that will last for 3+ hours. Reapply as desired.

100% botanical and 100% transparent, our perfume is made purely from plant essential oils and absolutes.


We bottled the much-loved scent of Mind & Body Wash and turned it into a perfume oil, just for you.

When we first created Mind and Body Wash, we took a perfumer’s approach to developing a scent that would transport bathers to the Redwood forests we loved to get dirty in. From the day we launched it, one of our most requested products was our scent in a perfume.

As a natural perfume, you’ll notice an evolution of the scent as you wear it, traveling from the canopies down to the forest floor. It pairs well with any of our Cathedral Grove products, but natural perfumes also blend with other natural scents and essential oils.

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