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Flower RePower Set

A refill set of our Golden Hour Hydrosol (4lbs of flowers!), a sweet little card, plus free priority shipping.

This April we celebrate the divine motherhood of our planet and all the flowering lifeforms with the aroma of Rose & Neroli flowers in the Flower RePower Set. Far too many spray tops have been lost to landfills, so don't forget to reuse it on the second bottle.

In Stock, but will arrive after 5/9

Mist your face, body and lovers

Pure Moroccan neroli flower is blended with Turkish rose. Great for rejuvenating you and your loved ones' skin on beach days and makes an excellent natural toner.

Packaged in a TSA-friendly 3oz container for all your misty adventures. Follow up with Outer Being Face & Body Oil to lock in the moisture.

Fresh flowers are hand-harvested at night on an organic farm to capture their purest essence.


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