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Golden Hour Hydrosol Neroli & Rose

Spray this blend of dawn-harvested Moroccan neroli and rose flowers all over, all the time. Makes for a joyful refresh on hot, sunny days and is an excellent natural toner.

3oz (88ml)

In Stock


Mist your face, body and lovers with Moroccan neroli flower blended with Turkish rose.

Scent Notes

Smells like drifting on a canoe, through the sweet delicate winds of Spring.

How to Use

Great for rejuvenating you and your loved ones' skin on beach days and makes an excellent natural toner.

Follow up with Outer Being Face & Body Oil to lock in the moisture.

Packaged in a TSA-friendly 3oz container for all your misty adventures.

Fresh flowers are hand-harvested at night on an organic farm to capture their purest essence.


Golden Hour Hydrosol Trio

Each of our hydrosols provide unique skin benefits and aromatic experiences. Try them all and save 10% with this special bundle.

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