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Ethics + Impact

Made under the supervision of Mt. Tamalpaís

At Bathing Culture, we’re committed to making the highest quality products without harming you or the planet. 

We believe the environmental crisis has reached a critical tipping point, too many everyday personal products are complacent in contributing to harming personal and environmental health.

We're proud to give you safe, high quality options.

Safe for People and Planet

Our formulas are biodegradable, they won’t last longer than you or your great-great grandkids.  That said, even biodegradable soaps shouldn’t be used in natural waterways.  

Our formulas are concentrated, feel free to dilute or just use a dab.  

All Purpose 
Our formulas are made to be safe and effective for your entire body

Toxin Free
Our formulas are always Dye free, Sulfate free, Paraben free, chemical fragrance free, chemical foaming agents free. 

    Ethics + Impact Ethics + Impact
    Ethics + Impact

    Sustainable Sourcing

    Purely Plants and Minerals
    None of our ingredients derived from crude oil, or synthetic chemicals 

    We use primarily organically grown plants free from pesticides and herbicides.  

    We use ingredients primarily from North America, this keeps our carbon costs down 

    We work with farms and processors that pay a living wage 

    We only use abundant plants and minerals, that are responsibly harvested

    To ensure ingredients haven’t adulterated we get chain of custody paperwork from our suppliers 

    We’ve been certified vegan and cruelty free 


      Reincarnated bottles
      The bottles we use are made from 100% pre-existing recycled material, collected and reprocessed in the state of California. This means #nonewplastic AND it stops existing plastic from ending up in the landfill or ocean.

      We hold refill events 12 times a year and have partnered with 15 retailers around the country who will refill your bottles.

      Silk screening

      We’re shifting all of our labels to silkscreening.

      Stakeholder accountability
      We’ve refused to work with groups that don’t put planet before profit. We’ve been able to convince Urban Outfitters among others to begin accepting environmentally friendly packaging.   

      We are on pace to use #nonewplastic before the end of 2020. 

      Plastic free shipping containers.

        Ethics + Impact

        Environmental Activism

        Ultimately, the future we all want is to leave the world better than we found it; healthy and safe with opportunity for our families and communities. That’s something every healthy person, no matter their country or politics, can agree on. We are not against agitating to ensure this happens. 

        Humane Cosmetics Act
        Officially endorsed.

        Personal Care Products Safety Act

        Officially endorsed.

        Strike solidarity

        We strike with students demanding climate action. 

        Earthjustice Donations 

        We close shop on black Friday and donate a percentage of all online sales.

          Ethics + Impact
          Ethics + Impact

          Community Care

          Safe Spaces
          We are committed to holding a safe spaces everywhere people bathe. 

          LGBTQ  Commitment
          Love is rad! We donate proceeds from our “Love is Rad” pins to LGBTQ organizations.

          Relay Resources
          We work with domestic and local partners that align with our company values. Our logistics partner Relay Resources employees people who face physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, or other obstacles such as language barriers or criminal backgrounds.

          Radical Hospitality 
          We’ve partnered with Lava Mae who provides showers for folks without traditional housing.

            Our Road Map

              Fully biodegradable label / printing inks 

              Carbon Neutral by 2020

              Packaging free products 

              Accelerate giving back to the community 

              Re-launching bike deliveries

            Ethics + Impact Ethics + Impact

            Carbon Offsetting

            • Ethics + Impact
              1 tree is planted for every 5 gallons we sell.
            • Ethics + Impact
              We offset our non bike powered transportation by buying carbon credits.
            • Ethics + Impact
              100% Renewable Energy

            How to Help

            We need as much help as we can get! Spread the word and recognize that small everyday actions add up! If you've got some skills that would help, someone we should talk to, some chocolate chip cookies or other rad stuff hit us up at @BathingCulture 

              Ethics + Impact