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Our Story

Bathing Culture Founders

Our story starts with getting dirty 

Evenings in the summer of 2015 found us escaping our office jobs in downtown San Francisco, jumping on our bikes and racing the sunset across the Golden Gate Bridge into the rambling trails of the Marin Headlands. Streaked with mud and sweat, we’d joke we’d never be able to get clean.

As we surfed and climbed, soaked and sweated, our running dirty joke became an obsession. Returning home from our epic adventures, we found that our body wash couldn’t hold up. It stripped our skin of moisture, was full of toxic synthetics, and smelled bad, or was watery and weak.

Bathing was our reward and reset, but the soap we were using couldn’t have been further from where we wanted to be. There had to be a better way.

Northern California in a bottle

Bathing Culture

The full vision for Bathing Culture thundered into being deep in the Big Sur wilderness. After a day of hiking and as the sun was welcoming the stars, we slid into Sykes Hot springs.  Over the next few hours the path became clear. 

Bathing is a bond people share across time and space. It’s a fundamental joy. After all, smiles are hard to hide when jumping into swimming holes, sinking into steamy onsens, or skinny-dipping under the moon.

From the salty smell of sand dunes to the crisp mountain air, we would do everything we could to connect people to the places where we play.

Working under the supervision of Mt Tamalpais, we made thousands of batches of soap before arriving at our Holy Grail.  

What we're up to today

We've been throwing bottling parties, going on bathing adventures sharing our hand and mind washing station, working on our environmental roadmap and activism diving into caves of light, sharing the soak and of course what we think is the greatest soap ever...

 Bathing Culture Soap

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