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Gourmet Bather Set

For the bathing connoisseur looking to take their soak to the next level.

Comes with Big Dipper Mineral Bath, Mind and Body Wash, Large Mineral Sea Sponge, Terracotta Detox Scrubber & one Cosmic Rainbow Towel (Organic).

A $180 Value

In Stock

The complete radical bathing experience

Big Dipper Mineral Bath (8oz)
Melt away mind and muscle stress with this blend of mineral-rich salts, green clay, and jojoba oil.

Mind & Body Wash Refillable Glass (16oz)
Our best-selling organic, biodegradable, all-purpose soap in a radical refillable glass bottle with a plastic pump top.

Large Mineral Sea Sponge
Lather better with this biodegradable, ethically-harvested, naturally super soft sea sponge.

Terracotta Detox Scrubber
Gently exfoliate everywhere with this two sided fish friend, made of natural clay.

Cosmic Rainbow Towel (Organic)
Bring the coziest vibes to the beach or your bathroom with these hand-loomed, super-absorbent towels. Hoop weaving makes them extra plush, but avoid drying with rough items.

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