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Restorative Bath Set

Spread the love all over your body with the Restorative Bath Set. 

We’ve put together a perfect Valentine's Day bathing experience to share with yourself or a loved one that restores mind body and heart. The bundle includes our favorite bathing aphrodisiacs, sultry bathing instructions, sweet lil gift bag, and free shipping! 

In stock

In Stock

Spread the love all over your body

Big Dipper Mineral Bath (8oz)
Melt away mind and muscle stress with this blend of mineral-rich salts, green clay, and jojoba oil. Use the salts as a bodyscrub as you indulge in the scents of Juniper and Frankincense.

Outer Being Body Oil (2oz)
The perfect enhancement for a full body, plant oil massage. Dampen skin and work this ultralight oil in from the face-on-down.

Large Mineral Sea Sponge
Lather better with this biodegradable, ethically-harvested, naturally super soft sea sponge.

Peace Through Bathing Gift Bag
Share your gifts in style with this 100% recycled cotton bag. Reuse it to stay organized on trips or protect produce at the farmers market.

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