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Peace Through Bathing

We celebrate the simple necessity of bathing, how it bonds us across cultures and deepens our kinship with nature, through bathing goods crafted for personal and planetary care.

Made under the supervision of Mt. Tamalpaís for personal & planetary care


Plant-Powered, Biodegradable Formulas

Our products are crafted from plants and natural minerals. Wherever possible, certified organic plants are used. We also source wildcrafted ingredients and use some responsibly made advanced green chemistry and extracts. Our standards are high, going beyond several other clean standards, such as the Credo clean standard, and our products are always vegan and cruelty-free.

We also take biodegradability into account with all of our products. 
Each ingredient or material we use is verified to be safe for aquatic ecosystems, able to readily decompose, and safe for outdoor use, like outdoor showers and camping—but we don't recommend using any products directly in natural waterways. From the earth, back to the earth.


Thoughtfully Packaged and Refill Ready

We package each product with care for its carbon impact, use, reuse, and end of life. The cornerstone of our approach is our refill program for Mind and Body Wash, which lets you refill your soap at over 200 stores nationwide.

Where possible, we use glass for its recyclability. For shower safety, we use 100% recycled plastic bottles from California post-consumer waste. Our secondary is comprised of recycled paper and shipping materials are primarily from recycled materials. We partner with Pact for the collection of hard to recycle items like dispensing caps.


100% natural fragrances inspired by bathing in the California wild

Each fragrance we make is inspired by a different experience or place in California, from forest bathing in the Redwoods to plunging into big blue.

We blend 10+ plant oils, resins, and absolutes to create layered experiences that represent the multifaceted nature of...nature.

Unlike many companies, we provide full ingredients lists for all of our fragrances, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.


Crafted with love in San Francisco

We're a team of 5, headquartered in the Mission district of San Francisco. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we're committed to having a positive impact through our business.

Our team believes there is no environmental justice without social justice. We are deeply committed to ethical sourcing, workers rights, racial justice, women’s rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

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