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Bath Tapes Vol 11

Bath Tapes Vol 11


Boogie in the Western Red Cedars

Our friends at GOODLAND curated a playlist that feels like dancing barefoot in the breeze, soaking in the energy of the forest floor, and touching hands with the western red cedar pines.

Tune out the noise, and tune into this the 1 hour and 6 minute groovy playlist that will transform any soak into pure bliss.

GOODLAND is a Canadian based company that produces a line of immersive outdoor living products for any home or cabin. From brass hand showers to their western red cedar wood burning hot tubs, their products are more than just built with design intention. GOODLAND allows you to foster a deeper a connection with nature, community, and allows us a pause to “Enjoy the moment, and forget the noise”. Learn more at GOODLAND.

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