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Bath Tapes Vol 4

Bath Tapes Vol 4


Drying down in Cathedral Grove

Trace green archways connect overhead

clay walls morph into pillars striking skyward

suspended canopies sway arm in arm in the valley’s breath

giants uprooted lie fallen like slain gods

severed stumps mark the missing while crows herald the suns passage

time feels different here, stretching between scenes

arms widen leading hands and fingers to crawl the ancient fuzzy red bark

closer now, the venerable volatiles make passage

coniferous needle broken, brighten the damp and resinous

absolute incense, burning memories, divine!

an epiphany felt intrinsically, yet words found harder to recall

Cathedral Grove, It’s own microclimate of insulated expanse



“Stay a While” by The Cactus Channel

“I Am The Changer” by Cotton Jones

“Don’t Let Get You Down” by Wajatta

“Birds, Pt. l” by Chassol

“The Invincible (feat. Alex Rita)” by Werkha, Alex Rita

“Folha de Jurema” by Nicola Cruz, Salvador Araguaya, Spaniol, Arteria FM

“This is My Name” by Sun City Girls

“Everybody Loves The Sunshine” by Takuya Kuroda, Jose James

“Conceptions” by 4hero

“13th Century Metal” by Brittany Howard

“I Don’t Want Nobody” by Eddie Harris



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