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Bath Tapes Vol 7

Bath Tapes Vol 7


an ode to the ocean

Hello Bathers, Rachel here! Your Social Media and Community Manager, and romantic at my core. The coastline of California has been rooted in my heart my whole life. Driving up the coast and watching the ocean intertwine with the landscape is a dance that never fails to make me feel an overwhelming sense of peace. The miles of coastline have a powerful way of making you feel vulnerable, rejuvenated, and fall in love with yourself all over again.

So come take a drive with me, and let's float through the curves of highway 1.
Fall into rhythm on your coastal journey with a playlist that starts in the fog on the water, letting you sink into love with the sounds of Amanaz and Ted Lucas. Roll the windows down as the sun bounces off the waves and sway to the sounds of Devendra Banhart and George Harrison. Let the sun set over the blue, and groove back down to the chemistry of Karl Blau and The Family Circle.


“Sunday Morning” by Amanaz
“Baby Where You Are” by Ted Lucas
“While You Wait” by Widowspeak
“Oceanic Feeling” by Molly Lewis
“Ojos Del Sol” by Y La Bamba
“Love Song” by Devendra Banhart
“Riding” by Daniel Norgren
“If Not For You” by George Harrison
“To Be Alone with You” by Bob Dylan
“Lotta Love” by Helado Negro, Flock of Dimes
“Home to You” by Cate Le Bon
“Fallin Rain” by Karl Blau
“Sunshine” by Mother Funk
“At the Hotel” by Eunice Collins
“Loving You Makes The World Go Round” by The Family Circle
“8:05” by Moby Grape

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