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Bath Tapes Vol 8

Bath Tapes Vol 8


Afternoon Tub

Today marks the first day of Spring, the time where nature unfurls from its Winter hibernation and welcomes the energy and awakeness that blooms during this new season. Spring encourages us to detoxify our minds and our bodies, to refresh and rejuvenate. Enjoy an afternoon tub and allow these uplifting tunes to carry you through the equinox.


“Peperomia Seedling” by Green-House
“Cerberus” by The Sweet Enoughs
“Our Lady of the Desert” by William Tyler
“Tandem” by Felbm
“My Gull” by Wilson Tanner
“Sun Room” by Wilson Tanner
“Reading A Wave” by Arp
“Crayfish Caper” by Surprise Chef
“Le soleil dans le monde” by Domenique Dumont
“Little Sunflower” by Dorothy Ashby
“Spain” by Julie Byrne, Steve Sobs
“Blonde” by Roger Eno, Brian Eno
“People On Sunday” by Domenique Dumont
“El Invento” by Jose Gonzalez
“Farewell Franklins (feat. Neal Casal)” by Circles Around The Sun, Neal Casal
“8:05” by Moby Grape

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