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Spring Bathingscopes

Spring Bathingscopes


You’ve heard of horoscopes, but have you heard of bathingscopes?

Every season presents unique opportunities and challenges to bathers. We asked our resident Aquaclairvoyant what Spring holds for each sun sign, and how this season facilitates transformation for the mind, body, and total being.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, you’re a natural leader. But before you tend to your flock, ask yourself who is tending to you. Long, meditative baths will clarify priorities this season, and your new sense of calm will be a beacon to all who are worth your energy.

Most compatible with: Mind & Body Wash →

Don’t be bullish about bathing, Taurus. This is the season to shed old habits like a second skin. Discard any preconceptions about exfoliating, and open yourself up to new sensations and possibilities. Your metamorphosis may surprise you.

Most compatible with: Central Coast Luffa →

You’ve done it again, Gemini. You’ve overbooked your schedule. Replace one weekly commitment with a bath, and feel yourself slow down as you reconnect to your innermost being. If you insist on company, invite a bathing buddy to share in some quiet relaxation.

Most compatible with: Big Dipper Bath Bath →

Cancer, your tough exterior is bringing friction into all aspects of your life. But you have the tools to create the harmony you seek. Smooth out your calluses, soften your approach, and those who have floated far afield will drift back to you.

Most compatible with: Terracotta Detox Scrubber →

Light attracts light, Leo. As a source of brightness, you can’t help but gravitate toward the brightest thing in the room -- a spotlight, a bonfire, or the sun. Don’t let yourself get burned. Protect your energy and heal your skin from the elements; your mind and body will respect you for it.

Most compatible with: Outer Being Face & Body Oil →

Virgo, your workaholic ways have left you running on empty. Since you resist indulgence, practice more pragmatic acts of self-care: re-organize your workspace, rearrange your furniture, and refill your soap. You’ll replenish your spirit and -- who knows? -- maybe even have a moment of unscheduled joy.

Most compatible with: Mind and Body Wash Refillable Glass →

Libra, sometimes seemingly opposing forces are actually complementary. This season, embrace life’s dualities -- darkness and light, strength and vulnerability, masculine and feminine. You’ll find these qualities need the other to achieve balance in yourself and in your bath.

Most compatible with: Golden Hour Hydrosol 

Scorpio, the resentment and grudges you’ve been hoarding are blocking your vital energy. Let it all go. Reboot your entire system and welcome new feelings, new sensations, and a reborn sense of life’s possibilities.

Most compatible with: Total Body Brush →


Adventures await you, Sagittarius. Bathing opportunities may present themselves in unexpected places. Will it be the nearby swimming hole you’ve always wondered about? A far-off ocean? A spontaneous shower with a new friend? Whatever the experience, be ready to dive in head first.

Most compatible with: Mind and Body Wash Travel Size →


You don’t always have to put your best hoof forward, Capricorn. In fact, getting dirt under your fingernails might be good for you. Thrust yourself into the outdoors this season, and don’t be scared of a little mud, rain, or sand. You can always clean up later.

Most compatible with: Fingernail Scrub Brush →


You’ve never been afraid to make a statement, Aquarius. And the world loves you for that. Let your colors shine this season without restraint -- make bolder choices, live louder, bathe more radically. When you tap into your authentic truth, you inspire those around you to do the same.

Most compatible with: Cosmic Rainbow Towel →


Smoother times ahead, Pisces. Don’t be so rough with yourself this season. You could let your self-doubt sink you like a boulder -- or you could release all negative energy and float, weightless, like porous volcanic rock.

Most compatible with: Mt Shasta Pumice Stone →

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