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Perfume Oil Trio

Composed of exclusively plant oils and essences, our scents are naturally crafted to capture the spirit of the California wild.

Save 10% with this 3 pack of your favorite scents: Meadow Vision, Break Water, and Cathedral Grove.

.3 fl oz (9ml) 

  • Natural Fragrances
  • Inspired by California
  • Natural Fragrances
  • Inspired by California
Bring the scent of the California wild with you in this 100% transparent fragrance made purely from plants.
  • The very same scent blends that you love, now beyond the shower
  • 100% natural perfumery from plant essential oils and no synthetics
  • Multifaceted blends that evolves as they wear, with notes from each part of the California ecosystem that inspired them
  • Fragrance transparency: every ingredient we use is in the ingredients list (unlike many other perfumes)
  • The roll-on form factor is easy to bring with you for reapplication
  • Hand blended and bottled in San Francisco

100% Natural Fragrance

In a valley below golden California hills, treetops comb through thick oceanic fog, feeding the dripping Redwood forest canopy and its verdant undergrowth.



Coniferous Needle, Redwood Sorrel


Red Bark, Rhododendron, Juniper


Peru Balsam, Damp Earth, Opoponax

A bee buzzing through the infinite Carrizo Plain, ephemerally carpeted with larkspur and goldfields, surrounded by dancing tall grasses, warm earth, and herbal chaparral scrub.



Field Mint
, California Sagebrush
, Pink Peppercorn


Wildflower Accord, 
Purple Sage


Honeyed Grassland
, Riparian Soil
, Herbal Scrub

Beyond the headlands, feet in the crisp Pacific water with seagrass dancing underfoot, salty ocean mist, and fresh bay laurel riding on offshore winds.



Seagrass Accord, Coast Cypress, Coyote Brush


Bay Laurel, California Sagebrush, Green Geranium


Seaweed Absolute, Fir Balsam, Vetiver

What's Inside


  • Essential Oil Blend

    A blend of 10+ essential oils extracted from responsibly harvested wood, bark, leaves, flowers, and seeds

  • Organic Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (MCT Oil)

    This fast absorbing, non-comedogenic oil carries and distributes the scent oils


  • Ingredients will not bioaccumulate 
in our waterways

  • Independently certified by Leaping Bunny

  • All production and shipping emissions have been carbon offset

  • Made to the highest clean standard. No parabens, silicones, or phthalates.

Crafted for personal

and planetary care.

Here’s how:

Glass Bottle

  • Made in the USA
  • Made with 10% recycled material
  • 100% Recyclable
  • We recommend finding another use for your bottle before recycling
  • Due to its small size, some municipalities may not recycle, but Pact will!
  • Find a Pact dropoff location

Mixed Material Roller Ball + Cap

  • The rollerball is a mixed material piece that is very difficult to recycle and is made from predominantly virgin materials
  • The plastic cap is made from a mixture of recycled and virgin plastic
  • We recommend reusing this packaging for anything you might like to roll onto your skin
  • For recycling, we’ve partnered with Pact, who will take back our packaging and ensure it gets recycled
  • Find a Pact dropoff location

Product Box

  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycle paper
  • Recycle as you would other paper products