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Refillable Rainbow Glass Mind and Body Wash

A permanent home for your favorite soap—refillable, responsible, radiant bathing vibes.

    Free shipping on orders over $40

    Mind and Body Refilled

    Inspired by the places we love getting dirty, our Cathedral Grove blend of essential oils transports you to the Redwood canopies of northern California. Revive with a silky lather, courtesy of skin-friendly oils, shea butter and aloe. Mind and Body Wash is concentrated, so just a dab will do you—and don't forget to refill!

    Made with organic ingredients, including skin superheroes Aloe, Shea and Guar.

    • Cerified Organic
    • Carbon Neutral
    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free

    Refill your rainbow at a retailer near you

    We’ve partnered with these retailers to set up Mind and Body Wash refill stations across the country. If you don’t have one near you, ask your favorite shop to carry us!

    Cambridge Naturals, MA,
    Beetjar, Cleveland, OH
    General Store, SF, CA
    General Store LA, Los Angeles, CA
    Foggy Notion, San Francisco, CA
    Cap Beauty, New York, NY
    Beauty Heroes, Novato, CA
    Citizen Supply, Atlanta, GA
    Solar Return, Los Angeles, CA
    Backbeat Rags, Berkeley, CA
    KitKitDizzy, Nevada City CA
    Wee Modine Darien,CT
    Fillgood, Oakland, CA
    Spruce and Honey Bozeman, MT
    The Beacon Supply Jackson, Miss
    Illumina Day Spa, Abilene, TX
    Often Wander, San Francisco, CA
    We are Goodstock, Oakland, CA
    Ambatalia Mill Valley, CA
    Proof lab station Mill Valley, CA
    Folk Shop, Kittery, MA

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