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Central Coast Luffa

Lather up and exfoliate with a freshly harvested heirloom luffa! These spongey gourds are responsibly farmed and dried in the gentle sea breezes of central CA. Unlike plastic luffa imposters, these are 100% biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals.

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Farm to Tub Exfoliation

Premium Size
At 6” x 2.5”, our luffas are larger and fuller than others. As a natural product, sizes and shapes will vary.

Luffa fibres are coarse enough to exfoliate, yet gentle enough for daily use. For a softer experience, see our Mineral Sea Sponges.

Responsibly Grown in California
Our luffas are cultivated on a small, woman-owned, family farm in Central Coast, CA.

Recycled Cotton Rope
Hand-tied 100% recycled cotton rope for easy hang-drying.

Give your luffa new life with a quick run in the washing machine and then air dry.

Luffas can be composted and rejoin the circle of life at the end of their scrubbing days.

Ditch the toxic plastic luffa

Synthetic sponges are made from petroleum-based products, contain toxic chemicals like triclosan, and result in the distribution of microplastics in our waterways and oceans.

Naturally grown luffas like ours are 100% biodegradable and can also be used for cleaning dishes, floors, or anything else that needs a good scrub.

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