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Romantic Bath Lover Optional

Romantic Bath Lover Optional


Happy Love Day, lovebird!

This is a Valentine’s day like we’ve never seen before which is why we have a special surprise for you. We invite you to restore yourself with some self love.
We’re showing love to ourselves and others the best way we know how–a bath (tunes optional). This isn’t any regular, old bath, though we love those, too.

This year, we’re gifting you the next-level bathing experience you truly deserve, with the Restorative Bath Set. Dissolve away the aches and stresses and soak into the love that is achieved through mindfulness and meditation.

Achieving the perfect bath entails more than you’d think. Because we want this to be a stress-free, indulgent day for you, we’re giving you a play-by-play on how to elevate your bathing experience from start to finish.

Perfecting a bath’s temperature is key. Let’s make it hot. We like our baths to serve as more than just a means of cleaning. These extreme temperatures allow for enhanced blood flow and circulation. Feel your muscles succumb to the release of their tension.

DIY it out–be it with some personalized aromatherapy of Cathedral Grove or a specialized concoction of essential oils. For us, it’s a mixture of our favorite aphrodisiac scents. We add a few drops of Ylang Ylang and Rosewood essential oils into the bath.

Break out the candles and bring on the mood lighting. Overhead lighting is the perfect way to distract from this transcendent experience. The soft glow of candles allows you to recreate the warm, ethereal sensation of dawn breaking.

Turn off that ceiling fan and the disruptive, mood-killing noise it brings! Normally we’d settle into our favorite guided mediation or let Brian Eno tell us what to listen to. But for the occasion, we made you a special playlist (keep an eye on your email for its special debut)!

Allow the Big Dipper Mineral Bath to set the tone. Use conventionally as a bath salt by allowing 20 minute for dermal absorption for the CBD to take effect. Make it extra special, by lathering up your partner for a sensual scrub-down.

Pair your well-deserved bath with the Large Mineral Sea Sponge, also courtesy of the Restorative Bath Set. Bring a bowl of water to your bath and drip the cold, via the sponge, over yourselves for a rejuvenating experience. With this ethically-harvested and biodegradable goodie, you’re saying Happy Valentine’s Day, not only to yourself and your loved ones but our planet, too.

By this point, they’ll be wow-ed with your expertise in romance-novela-level bathing. Lock in the moment and moisture with the Outer Being Face and Body Oil.

Apply a quarter sized amount of the Outer Being Face and Body Oil to your palm. Rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Rub your fingertips and balls of your hand into thee skin for a spa-like, masseuse-type feeling.

Follow these steps or take inspiration from them. Either way, make it your own and give yourself permission fully lose yourself.

Restoration is love. Happy bathing 🛀

Your Valentine,

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