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Cosmic Rainbow Towel Set (Organic)

Hand-loomed, super-absorbent, fast drying towels for bringing cozy, colorful vibes to the beach or your bathroom. Made from certified organic cotton with hand-tied tassels and a sun washed rainbow palette on natural cotton backing.

This set includes 2 body and 2 hand sized towels. Not available for further discounts.

  • Cozy Organic Rainbow Magic
  • Cozy Organic Rainbow Magic
  • Cozy Organic Rainbow Magic
  • Cozy Organic Rainbow Magic
Finish every bathing experience draped in a plush towel made from ultra-soft, fast drying organic cotton.
  • Ultra soft, large hooped woven pom poms are extra cozy & dry rapidly
  • Large body towel size is perfect for the bathroom and bathing adventures
  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Sun-washed rainbow color pattern
  • Ethically loomed and dyed in Portugal

What's Inside

Crafted for personal

and planetary care.

Here’s how:

Made from 100% organic cotton. Non-toxic dyed cotton yarn is woven into a natural cotton backing in a responsibly managed factory in Portugal.