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Good Seed Conditioner

Get hydrated and silky hair courtesy of seeds, stems, and flowers with this conditioner made from biodegradable, cutting-edge plant-based chemistry and extracts from Brassica Seed, Coconut, Amaranth and more. Salon grade results with no compromises on personal or planetary safety.

Our Nude Beach scent smells like sandy, sun drenched skin, blooming magnolia and warming chaparral.

Pair with our Kelp Forest Shampoo for best results.

8 fl oz (237 ml)

In Stock

Hydrate your hair with plant nutrients that support bounce, body, and shine.

Brassica Seed-based Conditioners and Coconut/Castor Seed-derived Silicone alternatives reduce frizz and friction without the need for polyquaternary ingredients that pollute our waterways.

Amaranth Seed is known to add shine and body with its amino and squalene-rich extract.

Argan, Carrot & Celery Kernals/Seeds provide hair nutrition with Vitamin E, fatty acids and carotens, which can help with strength and growth.

Aloe brings its famous moisturizing properties, electrolytes, and aminos to support scalp health.

How to Use:
Apply from the middle to the ends of clean hair strands. Experiment with the amount used and frequency to find your sweet spot. Rinse with warm (not hot) water. Curly hair types (3 & 4) may benefit from a larger dose of conditioner and a 10 minute rest before rinsing.

Packaged in our 100% ♻️#nonewplastic bottles with reuseable locking pump tops.

We swapped ingredients toxic for people and aquatic life for cutting-edge green chemistry and ancient whole ingredients to make a biodegradable, salon quality formula safe for our bodies and waterways.


Nude Beach scent

Composed of 10 essential plant oils & extracts, including Magnolia, Coconut, Rock Rose (Cistus), Carrot Seed, and Sweet Orange, Nude Beach is meant to teleport you to a towel, surrounded by hot sun, crinkled magazines and best friends.

Nude Beach was designed to follow our Shampoo’s Break Water scent, giving you a surf to sand Northern California beach day every time you wash.

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